Friday Fun – Malmö

The Friday Blooze, or The Friday Folk,  is a seven grey bald men, and occasionally a younger lady, meeting up every Friday in the town of Malmo, Sweden just to have a good time togheter playing various americana/blues/country/roots etc. It began as Steve Howard offered Johnny to develop his (rather poor) guitar skills at his 60th birthday together with a large bottle of wine.

However, we came to begin with playing ukulele for a year and then moved on to guitar. After another year or so we attended “Homesick Mac’s Guitar Retreat at the Island of Ven in Öresund. There we met Arne Nilsson who just had moved to Malmö and we invited him to join us. Then for each year we went to vent to Ven another one joined. Now we are seven + occasionally Homesick Mac.


In the beginning: Arne, Steve & Johnny.              Johnny singing “S:t James Infirmary”

We start up at 2PM and plays till about 6PM. At 4PM we’ll have a break with wine and cheese. “It’s nice to get old…” We meet in each other homes but most often at “Johnny’s Juke Joint”, in the basement of the house were he is living.

Full Friday Blooze 

The lot: Hot Dog Hank, Breezy Pete, Åsa, Lazy John, Gert, Arne, Mats, Steve.

Over the years we have had various themes in order to develop our skills, like trying to play the banjo, trying to play the Weissenborn, Resonator Fridays, a gospel friday and so on.


Video on “In Time” by H.P. Lange; Lazy John and Steve Howard:

Video from an autumn meeting of some partitioners of the regular “Homesick Mac Guitar Retreat at Ven”, in our basement:


Recording of S:t James Infirmary:

Lazy John – Song & Mandolin

Steve Howard – Acoustic Guitar

Arne Nilsson – Bass

Mac Djerf – Harmonica

Recording of Scary Situations (P. Dahlgren):

Breezy Pete – Song, Guitar; Gert Åhlund Guitar + Slide reso-guitar; Mats Nilsson – Harp; Steve Howard – Ukulele; Lazy John – Reso-uke; Arne Nilsson – Recording + Uke-Bass + Electric Guitar.

Galway Girl:

Arne Nilsson – Song, Barytone National Guitar, Lazy John – Mandolin, Steve Howard – Guitar.